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Little Johnny Brown

Several years ago I wanted to find a song that was easy for 1st grade students to identify the form. I came across Little Johnny Brown and was a bit nervous, thinking that even though they would be able to learn about form from this piece that they wouldn’t like it. It was different thanContinue reading “Little Johnny Brown”

I Let Her Go Go

This is one that works beautifully with students. I Let Her Go Go easily scaffolds and has a melody that students really enjoy singing. I will provide tips for teaching it in the game section below. Suggested Grade Levels: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade Analysis: History:There are plenty of resources that say this songContinue reading “I Let Her Go Go”

Bow Wow Wow

I have only used this once with a particularly rowdy group of 3rd grade students. Their minds were absolutely blown when we played the circle game and they ended up with their original partner. Then, at the very end before they left music, a light bulb went off for one boy. The end of BowContinue reading “Bow Wow Wow”

Alabama Gal

Woo! This one is a doozy for younger students, so I recommend doing this with 2nd graders at the youngest. I did this my first year of teaching with 2nd and 3rd graders and it was a bit rough. My 3rd graders were rowdy and it was too much for 2nd graders in just oneContinue reading “Alabama Gal”


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