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MUS 498a01: Professional Practice in Music Education

This project was created to meet the course requirements for MUS 498a01 at Illinois State University as part of my degree program, Master of Music Education. It was also created because I have a genuine interest in the quality of music literature that my music teacher colleagues and I use to teach our students.

Much of the classic and beloved American repertoire that music teachers use has questionable roots. My goal is to research the origins and find literature that enriches the education of students in American music classrooms while not being detrimental to their respective and unique cultures.

Another goal of this project is to highlight the pedagogical foci of children’s song repertoire. By doing this, I hope to provide other music educators with ideas for teaching students the content they should be learning in the primary school years.


My time as a student at Illinois State University is almost over. This project has provided me with ample opportunities for reflection and so much new knowledge on the music that I select to teach to my students.

Even though this project is coming to a “close,” the work of an educator is never done. I will continue building this website well after I complete my degree program. It is my duty to myself and my students to continue learning about the music we use during class. The more familiar I am with it, the better I will be able to distribute and explore this new information and learning possibilities with my students.

So please keep coming back for more! Feel free to contact me with any questions or recommendations to improve this website. You can find links to my email, Twitter account, and Instagram below. I look forward to hearing from and learning with you in the future!

Let’s make something together.

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