Hickory, Dickory, Dock

I like to use Hickory, Dickory, Dock as a steady beat assessment with my kindergarten students. Now that I know more about the history, I am excited to share it with them! I know my students will love the story about the Exeter Cathedral clock and the mice that ran rampant up and down theContinue reading “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

I personally have not used The Bear Went Over the Mountain with my students, but many of my early childhood education colleagues do. I can hear the kids singing this song in their classrooms, so I decided that I would crack it open to see its potential benefits for the music classroom. Suggested Grade Levels:Continue reading “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”

Little Miss Muffet

Steady beat, dramatic play, vocabulary, cross-curricular connections, racing games…what more could you want from a rhyme?! While I have it listed that the suggested grade levels for Little Miss Muffet are kindergarten and 1st grade, I use the speech version with all of my K-4 students. The younger kids love the creepy crawly spider bitsContinue reading “Little Miss Muffet”

Charlie Over the Ocean

“Charlie Over the Ocean” is an echo song that I love using to assess students’ ability to match pitch and use their singing voices. It also works really nicely to develop solo singing confidence and independence. When we start the game, I always ask my students who wants to be the song leader. I loveContinue reading “Charlie Over the Ocean”