Zemer Atik (Nigun Atik)

I first learned Zemer Atik during my undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville. I thought it was one of the most beautiful dances I had ever been a part of and I still believe that. So far I have only taught this once to 3rd grade students. They find the A section a bitContinue reading “Zemer Atik (Nigun Atik)”

Seven Jumps (Syvspring)

“Seven Jumps,” or “Syvspring” in Danish, is a fun folk dance from Denmark that my students love. Everyone inevitably catches a fit of the giggles as we struggle to keep our balance! It involves dancers joining in a circle and walking, hop stepping, or sashaying during the chorus. In between each chorus, there are 1-7Continue reading “Seven Jumps (Syvspring)”