Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie seems to be a staple in Orff Schulwerk repertoire. It is something that I have encountered during my undergraduate career and in many Orff workshops. I personally have not used this with my students, but wanted to look into it because it seems like many other teachers use this song regularly. SuggestedContinue reading “Wee Willie Winkie”

Bobby Shafto

I used this song with my 2nd grade students when we were working on an aural dictation exercise. They were able to decipher the entirety of the song while working together as a class, which was very exciting to see as a teacher. They really bought into the song when I told them it wasContinue reading “Bobby Shafto”

We are Dancing in the Forest

If you have ever used this song in your classroom, I am sure it has been a student favorite. My students love the game, obviously, but they also enjoy the challenge of aurally identifying “la.” I use a modified version of body solfege with my students when they are in kindergarten through the beginning ofContinue reading “We are Dancing in the Forest”