Yoo Hoo (There’s Someone Living on a Big High Hill)

If you want a cute, quick way to warmup students’ voices or a song that assesses singing sol-mi, Yoo Hoo is for you. My littles love this song. We talk about what an echo is, the science behind what causes them, and even get a visit from our friend Copy Cat! I use Copy CatContinue reading “Yoo Hoo (There’s Someone Living on a Big High Hill)”

Wake Up, You Lazy Bones!

This one is a hit with kindergarten and 1st grade! They love the game and playing the big tubano to wake up their classmates. I love that we have fun while learning about form. Suggested Grade Levels: Kindergarten, 1st grade Analysis: History:To be completely honest, I was very worried about this song when I thoughtContinue reading “Wake Up, You Lazy Bones!”

Little Miss Muffet

Steady beat, dramatic play, vocabulary, cross-curricular connections, racing games…what more could you want from a rhyme?! While I have it listed that the suggested grade levels for Little Miss Muffet are kindergarten and 1st grade, I use the speech version with all of my K-4 students. The younger kids love the creepy crawly spider bitsContinue reading “Little Miss Muffet”

Flea Fly Flo

Out of all of my students, I think kindergarten enjoys this song the most. My older kids already know that they can expect some weirdness from me, so this is basically the first big nonsensical jump for my kinderbabies! They love trying to get a grasp on the silly words and end up improvising someContinue reading “Flea Fly Flo”

Charlie Over the Ocean

“Charlie Over the Ocean” is an echo song that I love using to assess students’ ability to match pitch and use their singing voices. It also works really nicely to develop solo singing confidence and independence. When we start the game, I always ask my students who wants to be the song leader. I loveContinue reading “Charlie Over the Ocean”

We are Dancing in the Forest

If you have ever used this song in your classroom, I am sure it has been a student favorite. My students love the game, obviously, but they also enjoy the challenge of aurally identifying “la.” I use a modified version of body solfege with my students when they are in kindergarten through the beginning ofContinue reading “We are Dancing in the Forest”

Seven Jumps (Syvspring)

“Seven Jumps,” or “Syvspring” in Danish, is a fun folk dance from Denmark that my students love. Everyone inevitably catches a fit of the giggles as we struggle to keep our balance! It involves dancers joining in a circle and walking, hop stepping, or sashaying during the chorus. In between each chorus, there are 1-7Continue reading “Seven Jumps (Syvspring)”